SureFlo- Cycle Time Reduction

SureFlo® has demonstrated it's ability to reduce cycle time on large part blow molded applications. When added to either virgin, reprocessed or regrind resin at 5 to 10%, SureFlo® has been able to reduce cycle time by up to 10%. In several commercial applications, at a 5% loading, customers were able to also reduce temperatures 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit while processing. Absolutely no change in scrap rates were documented. Reduced cycle time will benefit the customer most if you are limited on line time, or are in a sold out position for that product.

Where SureFlo® is being used in large part injection applications customers are running temperatures 20 to 30 degrees lower, which results in cooler parts coming out of the mold and reduced cycle times. Wide variations of reduction occur dependent on several factors such as size, melt flow, and part geometry, however cooler temperatures result in faster cycles.