Flow Polymers — Mission Statement

Quality, value and timely responses are the key to customer satisfaction. We preach it, we practice it, and we live it. We listen to our customers. We are dedicated to the production of the highest quality products at the lowest cost, thereby allowing our customers to benefit from the value or our products and services.


The Flow Difference

Flow Polymers has almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing compatibilizing additives, as well as a vast history of formulating hundreds of dispersions for all types of processes. Flow's attention to customer service, quick turnaround time for samples, new product innovation, and consistent product quality, has made it the company customers go to when they need a solution.

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing additives for rubber and plastics that work as homogenizing agents, and dispersions that solve handling and process issues, are the backbone of our business. Flow Polymers is a leader in manufacturing products that are compliant with the wide array of regulations found no matter where we ship. You can rest assured, that the product we ship meets the most stringent requirements found.