SureFlo Used as Compatibilizing Agent

SureFlo was developed as a homogenizing and compatibilizing agent, utilizing some of the same chemistry that Flow Polymers developed years ago in Promix. Our long history of selling compatibilizers to the rubber and tire industry allowed us to enter the plastic marketplace with a similar product. If your company is working on sustainability projects and wants to reduce your carbon footprint, SureFlo could be the answer. Below is a microscopy image of a nylon which has been contaminated with 10% polypropylene. It becomes apparent that with the addition of SureFLo, the domain size of the contaminant (PP) is reduced by 50%, highlighting the homogenizing effect of SureFlo. Customers who are utilizing regrinds or reprocessed resins will almost always have some level of contamination, and in today's marketplace the variations are becoming wider. SureFlo has proven to help eliminate splay, give a better surface appearance, maintain physical properties of dis-similar resins, all through its properties of compatibilization.