Polymer Bound Dispersions

Flow Polymers manufactures its FlowSperse® brand dispersions in single or multiple ingredient formulations. Our Slab or pellet binder systems are based on customer specific needs for handling, mixing and safety concerns. These dispersions are primarily directed towards mill addition formats where the addition of a number of individual chemicals are cumbersome and inefficient. Flow Polymers manufactures a number of standard grades, as well as customer specified formulations. Contact your sales representative or info@flowpolymers.com to see how quickly we respond to your request.

Benefits of Polymer Bound Dispersions Include:

  • Improved dispersion of chemicals often leading to a lower level used
  • Most efficient way to add ingredients
  • Improves accuracy of weight when using small amounts of ingredients
  • Greater stability of active chemicals due to encapsulation
  • A safer way to handle skin irritants or inhalation hazard components.