About SureMix® Performance Enhancing Process Aids

SureMix® Line of Patented Technology Sets New Benchmark in Rubber Compound Processing

With SureMix® process aids, tire and component manufacturers can finally overcome their biggest Silica challenges, while achieving their efficiency goals. Our patented technology is designed to:

  • Reduce Mixing Time & Processing Costs
  • Improve Green Compound Shelf Life
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Increase Silica Loading or Surface Area
  • Lower Rolling Resistance
  • Enhance Tire Handling & Wet Grip

*If you need to improve processability without sacrificing rolling resistance, performance, handling, or tread life, we can help. For information or samples contact us at +1.216.419.4900 or at info@flowpolymers.com.

For Thai and Malaysian customers, contact Double A Plus Intertrade Co., Ltd. online at www.aachemical.com, call (662) 451-9678 or email info@aachemical.com.

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